Three new hydrometres have been installed in Yukon's river system, to help monitor water and pollution levels.

Yukoners will soon have more data on the health of rivers across the territory as officials have installed three new hydrometric stations in Eagle Plain and are hoping for more.

Though tiny, the devices connect to Canada's network of 2,000 similar monitors across the country and help officials monitor pollution and flow strength in Canadian rivers.

"Hydrometric means the measure of water, so it's really the water level and the water quantity," Environment Canada's Bruno Tassone says.

The new stations bring the total number across the territory to 64. They cost about $50,000 apiece, but they're well worth it, the Yukon Conservation Society's spokesperson Lewis Rifkin says.

"Small as they are, they do contribute some knowledge to what we don't know about the Yukon's water system," Rifkin says.

The monitors feed data into a national database, and Rifkin says the more there are installed, the more useful the data is.

"They can't just be stream flow and stream measuring stations like these ones are," Rifkin says. "They also have to be water sampling stations to give us an idea of the minerals, chemicals, and metals that are in these water system already."

The three new monitors are installed in the Eagle Plain region where Northern Cross is exploring for oil and gas.