Vandals damage Hay River Pentecostal Church

Vandalism struck the Pentecostal Church in Hay River, N.W.T., over the weekend. About 12 windows were smashed and some equipment was damaged.

Windows smashed, equipment damaged

Sunday services were cancelled at the Pentecostal Church in Hay River, N.W.T.,  after an act of vandalism this weekend.

Windows were smashed and equipment was damaged.

When Pastor Wes Dyck arrived at church Sunday morning before services, he said he noticed the windows were broken. His initial thought was that someone had thrown stones at them.

"But as soon as I got in, I noticed there were some things thrown around inside. So I just went right back out."

Twelve of the church's windows were smashed, and some equipment inside was damaged. (CBC)

That's when he heard the banging. He said he saw a man inside the church trying to break a window.

"I’ve got to be honest with you — yes, my heart was pumping real quick. I had a little adrenaline flowing. It took a minute to kind of pull things together and make the calls that were necessary," said Dyck.

Dyck called the police and they arrived within minutes.

He said the RCMP took the man into custody, although police have yet to confirm that.

"If we can be any help to them, we want to be that. That's why we're here. If it's because they have some anger towards the church or whatever - we'd like to chat with them find out what it is, see what we can do to set that straight," said Dyck.

Wooden boards cover most of the 12 broken windows. Computer and musical equipment was also damaged in the incident.

The church is unsure of the value of the damage, but they expect the window repairs to cost more than $20,000 to replace.