Van Eindhoven murder trial continues in Iqaluit

The trial of a Rankin Inlet man charged with killing his partner will continue on Monday with more testimony.

The trial of a Rankin Inlet man charged with killing his partner will continue on Monday with more testimony.

Adrian van Eindhoven is accused of killing his girlfriend Leanne Irkotee in 2004.

Last week, the court heard from Dr. Miles Schuman, who might have heard the last words Irkotee spoke before she died.

The doctor was working in Rankin Inlet in 2004 when Irkotee arrived with a stab wound near her heart.

She was in unstable condition. Schuman was Irkotee's family doctor and had seen her before. 
He asked her if she was in pain, and the doctor testifed that Irkotee said it was hard to breathe and her ribs hurt. 

He said she had a deep and penetrating wound. He could see the tissue, fat and muscle, he said.

After an examination, Shuman found that blood had pooled in Irkotee's chest cavity.

She also had bruising all over her body and the back of her head was soft. Irkotee died shortly after arriving at the health centre.

Schuman was the third witness called in the trial that started last week. The trial will continue Monday.


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