A woman accused of drinking and becoming unruly on a Canadian North flight from Yellowknife to Cambridge Bay last March is facing four charges — two under the Federal Aeronautics Act. 

Court documents show RCMP laid the charges against Helen Evaglok, 50, last month. 

Under the Federal Aeronautics Act, Evaglok is charged with engaging in “unruly and dangerous behaviour” and consuming liquor that was not served by the airline.

Evaglok’s criminal charges include one count of mischief causing damage over $5,000, and “causing a disturbance aboard Canadian North flight 446 by being drunk.”

The incident took place on March 13.

Evaglok and another woman allegedly snuck alcohol on board the plane and were drinking in the washroom.

The company says a male flight attendant was physically accosted when he approached one of them.

The plane landed in Kugluktuk and the pair were taken into custody.

The other woman was questioned and released without charges.

Instead of going on to Cambridge Bay, the aircraft returned to Yellowknife to get another flight attendant. At the time, a spokesperson said it cost about $20,000 to send the plane back to Yellowknife, and delayed passengers by about four hours.

Canadian North spokesperson Scott Weatherall wouldn’t comment on the charges, except to say that the company worked with the RCMP.

But he says all the airline's passengers are advised not to bring alcohol on board the aircraft, and regulations are in place to ensure these kinds of incidents don't happen.

"We work with the airports on security checks so it’s a combination of working in conjunction with the airports in all of the northern territories."

The case will appear before a judge in Kugluktuk on June 9.

Weatherall says the male flight attendant has not returned to work since the incident.