American hunter Jim Martell gets to keep the unique hybrid bear he shot in Canada. ((Courtesy of Jim Martell))

The first known offspring of a polar bear and a grizzly bear, killed by a sport hunter in the North in April, heads this week to its permanent home in Idaho.

The seven-foot "grolar bear" was shot byJim Martellon a guided hunt near Sachs Harbour, locatedon the Northwest Territories' Banks Island.

Proud of his $50,000 trophy hunt, theveteran hunter paidanother $9,000to have a Yellowknife taxidermist stuff the bear.

This week thebear, complete with its skull, is being shipped to Martell's Idaho home.

Initially, Martell was not sure whether he would be allowed to keep the animal.

However,Canadian wildlife officials released the body after DNA testing confirmed it was a cross between a polar bear and a grizzly bear.

The one-of-a kindbear will join Martell's personal menagerie of stuffed game after a short stop at a Nevada sports hunting show.