Sentencing has been put over until April in the case of an American fugitive who jumped the border at Beaver Creek last fall and led police on a long chase.


Jason Echeverri will be sentenced in Whitehorse in April on numerous charges, including entering Canada illegally. (RCMP)

Jason Echeverri, 29, was on the run from U.S. authorities when he blew through the Canadian border crossing at Beaver Creek, Yukon. RCMP were on the lookout for him and gave chase. The pursuit ended 350 kilometres later when Echeverri was arrested without incident in a cabin at Kluane Lake.

The Crown has asked the court to impose a three-and-a-half year jail sentence, arguing Echeverri put the public and police in danger driving at speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour. Prosecutors also say the court should send a clear message that fugitives who cross the border illegally will not be treated lightly.

The defence says 12 months in jail is more appropriate, arguing there was little traffic on the highway that day.

The prosecution and defence also disagree about an incident Echeverri was involved in at the Whitehorse jail, with the sentencing judge saying he'll have to hear witnesses in that matter.