A U.K. man accused of causing a disturbance and forcing a plane to be diverted early Wednesday morning will appear in Iqaluit court today.

Darren Edward Cosby, 39, has been in police custody in the Nunavut capital since he was removed from Air Transat Flight 242 from Vancouver to London.

The RCMP say he was intoxicated and acting in an aggressive and belligerent manner. The airline says several passengers had to help restrain the man.

Air Transat says the flight crew can cut off passengers who drink too much during a flight or stop them from boarding if they are already drunk. However, the company says the man was drinking his own alcohol.

John Hawkins, the Iqaluit airport manager, says this is the first time in 10 years that a rowdy passenger has been kicked off a flight in Iqaluit.

"If it gets out of hand, if it's a danger to any other passengers the call would be up to the captain to put the plane down at the nearest location where it's safe to do so," said Hawkins.

The RCMP confirmed Cosby is from the U.K., but his Facebook page says he lives in Vancouver.

He has been charged with causing a disturbance, uttering threats, and mischief.

He also faces a charge of unruly behaviour under the Aeronautics Act. Under the act, he could face a fine of up to $100,000, or five years in prison.