Two candidates have dropped out of the Iqaluit municipal election.  

Paul Kaludjak, former president of Nunavut Tunngavik, was running for mayor but Iqaluit's chief returning officer has confirmed that he has withdrawn from the race.  

"After a day's consideration, I looked at the list of candidates [and] I was pretty happy with the candidates that put their names forward," Kaludjak said. "So with that in mind and I had other personal goals I was looking at, so the timing wasn't comfortable as well."

Former Nunavut cabinet minister Patterk Netser has also decided not to run for a seat on city council. He said he withdrew for financial reasons.  

"I had to take a month's leave without pay, and I spent a lot of money this summer going to Coral Harbour and picking up a boat, so my bank account told me 'No, you can't take a leave without pay for a while,'" Netser said.  

Netser said he hasn't decided yet if he will run in next year's territorial election. Netser represented the Nanulik constituency in the last legislative assembly.  

There are now three candidates running for the position of mayor of Iqaluit and 10 candidates hoping to get one of the eight positions on city council.