TV contest in Fort Smith, N.W.T. Friday

The Kraft Celebration Tour is in Fort Smith, N.W.T., Friday as part of the community's win pf $25,000 in the contest.

The Kraft Celebration Tour was in Fort Smith, N.W.T., Friday as part of the community's win of $25,000 in the contest.

Pam Walsh, who has lived in Fort Smith for 20 years, nominated her town in the contest, airing on TSN, where the sports channel visits local sports-mad communities across Canada.

The winner receives $25,000 cash to be spent on local sports initiatives and gets to host a broadcast of SportsCentre, the channel's popular nightly sports-themed news broadcast.

Fort Smith, N.W.T., beat out Whitehorse in online votes in July to become one of 10 winning communities.

Arena fire

Walsh said she was compelled to nominate her community this year after the Fort Smith Centennial Arena was damaged by a fire in May.

Walsh says the fire was devastating for the community, but people are now rallying together.

"I think there's a sense of hope for the people in this community now," Walsh says. 

"We know that — regardless of what the state of the arena is in right now — we are going to have ice in the fall of this year and we will carry on and we will move forward."

Walsh says the $25,000 prize won't pay for much, but the community plans to use it to buy a small building to use as a portable changing room until the town finds enough money to rebuild the damaged arena.


  • A previous version of this story indicated the community was still competing in the contest. Fort Smith won the $25,000 prize in July.
    Aug 16, 2013 9:02 AM CT