Sheila Karkagie

'It seems like I'm fighting uphill and not getting anywhere,' says Sheila Karkagie, one of the band members who asked for the vote.

People in Tulita, N.W.T. have voted against a by-law aimed at resolving potential conflicts of interest on their local land board.

The vote happened Wednesday at the Tulita Land and Financial Board's annual general meeting.

A by-law that would have barred business-owners from sitting on the board was defeated by a vote of 31 to 23.

Sheila Karkagie is one of the members who asked for the vote.

She says business people who are also members of the board approved a fracking project near Tulita and afterwards got contracts working for the same project.

Karkagie says she's disappointed with the outcome of the vote, and especially by the fact that only 54 people cast ballots.

“It almost seems like they have given up,” she says. “Even me, I wanted to give up. That's how I felt too. Enough people didn't care. If they cared they would have been at the meeting.

“It seems like I'm fighting uphill and not getting anywhere."

Karkagie says she’ll continue fighting against fracking in the Sahtu.

She plans to apply for a court injunction to stop the project.