A Northwest Territories hunter has killed a massive polar bear he estimates weighed about 450 kilograms.

Bobby Gruben Jr says he was in his third week of hunting on the sea ice about 600 kilometres north of Tuktoyaktuk. He'd seen several smaller bears but wanted to hold out for a bigger one.

Early one morning he woke up to hear a bear pawing at seal meat he'd left out.

"I looked towards my Ski-Doo," he said. "I could see a giant, monster-looking bear looking right at me. It was like looking death right in the eye to tell you the truth.

"I didn't know what to do. We were looking at each other from 10 feet away. I couldn't see through my scope very good so my reaction was 'It's me or him going to get hurt here.'"

Gruben shot the animal behind the ear and shared the meat with family members. He hoped to get about $15,000 for the pelt.

He says he's found a buyer but there's no word on what they paid.‚Äč Gruben is already back out on the land, hunting grizzly bears.