Tuktoyaktuk family seeking Bobby Cockney

Noelle Cockney says nobody has heard from her brother Bobby, 59, since February of this year, when he said he was moving from Edmonton to Vancouver. The family is now hoping the RCMP can help find him.

Cockney, 59, recently retired as tugboat captain with Northern Transportation Company Ltd.

Bobby Cockney of Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T. His family hasn't heard from him since February, when he said he was moving from Edmonton to Vancouver. Almost five months later, the family is starting to fear the worst. (Courtesy Noella Cockney)

It’s been five months now since anybody in the Cockney family has heard from Bobby Cockney.

The 59-year-old had been living in Edmonton.

  • UPDATE JULY 7, 2014: Bobby Cockney has contacted his family with his new address.

Bobby’s younger sister, Noella, lives in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T. She says their sister Bonnie in Hay River was the last to speak to him.

“He said he’d found a place in Vancouver and was gonna be moving there,” she says. “Before she could get an address from him, he hung up.”

Cockney recently retired from Northern Transportation Company Ltd. or NTCL after many years going up the Mackenzie River as a tugboat captain.

“Every summer he came up the Mackenzie on the tugboats, bringing supplies to the remote communities,” Noella says. “He was very nice, very willing to help people.

“It’s just really unusual that he hasn’t been contacting anybody in the family.”

Noella says Bobbie was in the habit of calling Bonnie or their parents once a month. The family started to get really worried in May when a brother died.

That’s when they contacted police.

Noella says the RCMP had contacted Bobby’s bank, the CIBC. They learned that a teller had seen someone who fit Bobby’s description taking money out of his account.

“We wanted them to put a little note on the file on his account, saying please call home, everybody’s worried, but they say they can’t do that,” Noella says.

For now, Noella has posted Bobby’s picture on Facebook and asked friends in B.C. to keep an eye out.

A former RCMP officer herself, Noella is hoping the police will be able to help.

“I’m just hoping they’ll be able to get a hold of him and just tell him to give us a call.”