The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is writing up a report about a recent incident involving a Canadian North plane.

The Boeing 737 was travelling from Ottawa to Iqaluit on Saturday but it was diverted to Kuujjuaq, Que., because of weather.


A Canadian North plane diverted to Kuujjuaq, Que. on Saturday did not have the regulated minimum amount of fuel on board, according to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada. (CBC)

"Shortly after the missed approach in Iqaluit, the crew realized that they were not meeting the minimum required fuel, so they have to report it and that's what they did," said Jean-Marc Ledoux with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada.

"They had sufficient fuel to proceed to the alternate but according to the regulation, there's an extra 30 minutes required to be carried on board."

Ledoux said it was not a major incident.

Planes have to carry a regulated amount of fuel for safety reasons but Ledoux said it sometimes happens that pilots have to dip into their fuel reserve because of strong wind conditions, or weather issues.

He said the board wants to keep track of these events for its statistics.