A jury trial in Whitehorse has now heard how a high speed police chase came to an end with the suspects being arrested at gunpoint.

Chris Cornell, 31, is on trial for attempted murder, assault, robbery and firearms violations in connection with incidents in Haines Junction, Yukon, two years ago.

Earlier this week the jury heard testimony about the robbery at Madley's General Store in Haines Junction and the subsequent chase in which a police car was shot at and the suspects littered the highway with everything from a chainsaw to a hind quarter of deer meat to try and slow their pursuers.

The chase was called off when the windshield on the police car was shattered by a rifle shot and an officer was injured. A back-up officer was called in to clear the highway of the assorted items littering the road.

On Thursday, witness Colin Asseltine testified he came across an accident scene early that morning on the Alaska Highway near Haines Junction.

Asseltine said he saw skid marks on the highway and a vehicle in the ditch with the doors open and the lights on. 

When he stopped to help there was no one in or around the SUV, but a short time later a man and a woman came out of the bush nearby. The man was carrying a rifle and told Asseltine they were on a hunting trip and crashed the vehicle. Asseltine identified Chris Cornell as the rifle-toting man.

Asseltine offered them a ride back to Haines Junction and they accepted. 

On Friday, one of the arresting officers testified Cornell and Jessica Johnson were arrested at gunpoint in a field near the Pine Lake Campground after Asseltine dropped them off outside of Haines Junction. 

RCMP Const. Jean-Michel Sauve said both Cornell and Johnson co-operated with police instruction.  They lay down on the ground and were handcuffed.

Sauve said he didn't deal with Cornell but said Johnson was "out of it." He said they found a crack pipe, a hypodermic needle and a knife in her pockets and she told police she thought she was pregnant. Johnson is being tried separately.

Cornell's trial is set to resume Monday and is expected to last two more weeks.