It's been a boom year for muskrat trappers in the Beaufort Delta. Prices for pelts are up, and there are many more muskrats than last year.

Lifelong trapper Robert Hurst says he can't remember a time when muskrat prices were so high.

A decade ago a muskrat pelt was going for 35 cents. This year the territory's fur program is guaranteeing at least $4 a pelt – 25 cents more than last year.

Hurst says there are lots of muskrats out there.

"This year is pretty good," he says. "I got 300 by April. I only got about a hundred last year – I don't even think I reached a hundred – pretty low, anyway."

But Vancouver fur auctioneer Ted Papas isn't so impressed. He says he hasn't noticed an increased demand for muskrat.

"It hasn't improved that much over a year ago," Papas says. "The prices last year were rather disappointing."

The territory's fur program guarantees a minimum price to give trappers a reliable income.

Hurst says he'll use the extra money from this year's muskrats to buy gas for next season.