The Transportation Safety Board says Transport Canada's response to a plane crash that killed 12 people doesn't go far enough.

First Air Flight 6560 slammed into a hill near the airport in Resolute, Nunavut, in August of 2011.

"In this accident, the aircraft arrived high and fast on final approach, was not configured for landing on a timely basis, had not intercepted the localizer, and was diverging to the right," the TSB notes in a news release.  

The release says this is an unstable approach that should have been aborted.

After an investigation into the accident, the TSB recommended Transport Canada require operators of large commercial aircraft to monitor and reduce the incidence of unstable approaches that continue to a landing.

Instead, Transport Canada issued a Civil Aviation Safety Alert that "encouraged" operators to identify unstable approaches and develop mitigation measures for the risks they pose.

Operators of smaller air carriers were encouraged to do the same thing.

"Unstable approaches continue to be a high risk to safe flight operations in Canada and worldwide," said Kathy Fox, chair of the TSB in the news release.

The TSB says taking a voluntary approach could mean operators don't have the data to assess the risks posed by unstable approaches.