A Dutch woman who’s already driven her tractor across Europe and Africa reached a milestone last night when she reached the South Pole in her red Massey Ferguson MF 5610 tractor.

Manon Ossevoort, 38, had made it her mission to drive the tractor to "the ends of the Earth."

"I wanted to create this story of one seemingly impossible dream and make it a reality to inspire people," Ossevoort said.

The 2,500-kilometre, 17-day journey was achieved with the help of a mother and daughter team from Iqaluit, Matty McNair and Sarah McNair-Landry.

It’s not the first time a tractor has made the trip. Sir Edmund Hillary led the first mechanized trip to the pole using Ferguson TE20 tractors in 1958.

Tractor girl at South Pole

Manon Ossevoort and her tractor reached the South Pole at 10:30 p.m. ET last night. (Antarctica2)

In a recorded message posted to the expedition’s website, Matty McNair says:

"It’s unbelievable – at the South Pole there is a red Massey Ferguson tractor! We’re all ecstatic to be here and so proud to be taking our hero shots with the tractor that never gave us cause to doubt that it would be up for the challenge."

"It’s an immensely proud moment for Massey Ferguson and everyone associated with our farm machinery," said Richard Markwell, a vice-president with Massey Ferguson, in a news release, calling it "a great example of Massey Ferguson’s straightforward dependability."

Ossevoort was also travelling with a mechanic, two truck drivers and a creative director.  

She plans to build a snowman at the pole, before turning around and driving the 2,500 kilometres back to the Antarctic coast.