The Town of Inuvik has announced it will renew its agreement with Inuvik Gas to distribute fuel to the town, but residents shouldn't expect lower gas bills, says the senior administrative officer.

"It won't do anything price-wise," says Grant Hood. "It's exactly like what is happening now. Under the new franchise agreement I don't anticipate that operationally anything would change." 

Since the town's natural gas wells began to run dry, Inuvik Gas has been supplying the town with synthetic natural gas which is trucked up from the south.

That has increased fuel costs for residents. 

Brad Driscoll, general manager of Inuvik Gas, says in the future more sources of natural gas, including liquified natural gas, may become more accessible to towns in the NWT.

"It is definitely on on our radar," he said. "I'm not saying it is the only one. But right now the availability is becoming closer. It's definitely something I think we will see down the road."