As the cost of living in Yellowknife goes up, so do the tolls on the Deh Cho Bridge.

All northbound commercial vehicles over 4,500 kg crossing the Deh Cho Bridge are charged tolls. Private vehicles do not pay tolls.

In April the consumer price index for Yellowknife rose 1.3 per cent compared to the year before. The N.W.T. Bureau of Statistics says the biggest increase was for shelter because of higher prices for heating oil and fuel.

As a response, the N.W.T. Department of Transportation has raised the tolls on the Deh Cho Bridge effective June 1.

Fees for the biggest commercial vehicles have gone up as much as $4.75 to $296 from $291.25 for a single-use permit for a vehicle with seven or more axles.

New tolls:

  • Class A single-use permit: $93/ remittance agreement: $76
  • Class B single-use permit: $169/ remittance agreement: $152
  • Class C single-use permit: $296/ remittance agreement: $279