An 18-month old boy was attacked by dogs in Igloolik, Nunavut, on Monday.

Hamlet officials said the child wandered close to two sled dogs tied up near a house. He was attacked and suffered serious dog bites to the back of his neck.


The young boy is in good condition at the hospital in Iqaluit after being attacked by sled dogs Monday in Igloolik. (CBC)

The community’s senior administrative officer, Brian Flemming, said the boy was immediately taken to the local health centre, and then flown to hospital in Iqaluit.

"They cleaned the boy up, but for precautionary measures [they] medevaced the young child, probably because of their age, to Iqaluit and the child was treated in Iqaluit. And it's my understanding that the child is in good condition," said Flemming.

The dogs are under quarantine for 10 days to determine if they have rabies.

Municipal enforcement officers are ensuring any remaining sled dog teams are moved out of town.


About 1,600 people live in the hamlet of Igloolik. (Google)