The Chief of Teslin Tlingit Council said he's disappointed with the Yukon Government's handling of a royalty sharing arrangement with Yukon First Nations.

Carl Sidney said the government's ultimatum to them to sign an agreement, or have the offer withdrawn to all First Nations with land claims, is unacceptable.

Sidney said he doesn't understand why the Premier is pushing for an agreement at this time.


Carl Sidney, the chief of the Teslin Tlingit Council, said he doesn't understand why the territorial government is rushing them to sign a resource revenue sharing deal. (Teslin Tlingit Council)

"We realize there's not going to be resource royalties sharing for at least 10 years, so we don't know what the rush is. Why it’s so important to have a document signed at this time? We could wait on it and see how we could best involve the First Nations that don't have self-governing agreements," he said.

Sidney said the Teslin Tlingit Council will sign a royalty sharing agreement when it includes everyone.

He added that right now, the Teslin Council has more important matters to deal with, such as education.