A Yukon judge has found a tire shop, a trucking company, and a trucking company supervisor guilty for not protecting a worker killed on the job two years ago.

Two companies, North 60 Petro and Integra Tire, faced charges in connection with the death of Denis Chabot, a 34-year-old tire technician who was killed when a North 60 truck he was working on drove over him.


Denis Chabot, a mechanic at Integra Tire, was killed on the job November 2011. while servicing a North 60 Petro fuel truck.

Supervisors for both companies faced additional charges under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Government safety inspectors alleged staff at both companies were improperly trained.

Most of the charges were dropped or dismissed but the judge says safety procedures were inadequate or ignored and upheld charges against the tire shop, trucking company and its supervisor. 

In November 2011 Dennis Chabot crawled underneath a Kenworth truck to remove his tools. The truck was already running and  Chabot didn't know a driver had climbed inside. Moments later Chabot was dead.

Territorial court Judge John Faulkner says the tire shop didn't  have lock-out procedures to ensure the truck could not be moved. 

He says North of 60 Petroleum failed to properly train a dispatcher assigned to move the truck and a company supervisor looked on while the dispatcher got in the truck  without first doing a walk around.  

The judge rejected defence arguments claiming Chabot had a heart attack and added defence lawyers failed to share important evidence that could have shortened the trial.

No date has been set for sentencing.