Residents in Watson Lake, Yukon, are being warned about some potentially deadly drugs that were stolen from the local hospital Thursday evening.

Watson Lake RCMP say two women entered the hospital's emergency room, claiming to need medical attention. They then allegedly stole eight vials containing drugs, police say.

"They're alleged to have stolen a number of drugs from a locked drug case, and this is a case that's normally used for emergencies. They were in the emergency room at the time," Watson Lake detachment commander Sgt. Paul Thalhofer told CBC News on Friday.

"The nurse noticed that the drugs were missing, the case had been broken into and called us."

The vials were made of plastic or glass with a rubber stopper and liquid inside, Thalhofer said.

Both women were arrested shortly after 7:30 p.m. PT and one is being charged in relation to the theft.

Police found three of the vials soon after the arrests, but Thalhofer said five vials are still missing.

Thalhofer said police could not find the vials, even after searching a home and the surrounding area. The women are not co-operating in the matter, he said.

Police are warning anyone in Watson Lake who might find the vials not to ingest the contents, as they may be lethal, and instead return them to RCMP or the hospital.

Thalhofer said he is also warning local students to watch for the vials.

"We notified the elementary school because it's in the area where the drugs were taken, very close to the hospital, and where the other smashed vials were located," he said.

"I had a meeting at the general assembly of the high school as well."