Five incumbent MLAs lost their seats in the Nunavut territorial election Monday. Two former MLAs who are new to civilian life have some advice for them.

Speaker Hunter Tootoo has served in the Nunavut legislative assembly since 1999. He says deciding not to run in the most recent election has made his life significantly less stressful. 


Tagak Curley, who decided not to run in this election after representing Rankin Inlet North for two terms, says it can be hard for an MLA not re-elected to find a job as the economy in Nunavut is limited.

"It's been like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders," Tootoo says. 

Tootoo says politicians should always have an alternate plan. 

"Politics doesn't last forever. It doesn't matter who you are. You gotta have thought of and developed an exit plan, if you want to call it that, for life after." 

Tagak Curley agrees. He represented Rankin Inlet North from 2004 to 2013, and was an MLA in the Northwest Territories for eight years. 

Curley says it can be hard to find a job if you're not re-elected.

"The economy in Nunavut is very limited unlike the south," he says. "You don't have all the options to go back into high profile jobs."

Curley decided not to run in this election. He's moved back to Rankin Inlet, and says it's good to be home.