David Laxton, Yukon's Speaker of the legislative assembly. (CBC)

It was the best and the worst of Yukon politics  all in one sitting of the Legislative Assembly yesterday.

Speaker David Laxton was called upon to note a rare moment of unanimous agreement.

Politicians from all parties agreed to deal quickly with a change to the Vital Statistics Act.

It will allow both same-sex parents to be registered on their child's birth certificate.

Then, not even an hour later, the Speaker was reprimanding politicians from all parties for calling each other liars.

Following a raucous Question Period, Laxton was chastising politicians for their manners.

“The tone and loudness is getting to a point where I am having listening to either side, but also within your heckling I would caution you, because I can hear you quite clearly at times, to watch the language that you are using such as ‘lying’, ‘liars.’”

Laxton says the political rhetoric in the House has been heating up over the past couple of weeks.