The jury has heard all the testimony it's going to hear in the sexual assault trial of Dettah, N.W.T., chief Edward Sangris.

The last witnesses testified this morning.

Sangris is accused of sexually assaulting a woman between 1986 and 1996 when he was a band councillor.

The last two people to testify in the trial were Ernest Betsina, the newly elected chief of Ndilo, who was a band councillor in the mid-90s. Lena Cleary, who was a housing manager and band councillor at that time, also testified.

Betsina was questioned about a meeting in 1994, which ended with then-councillor Sangris resigning. Betsina said he didn't really remember what the meeting was about, but said it might have had something to do with missed meetings.

Cleary said she had never heard about sexual assault allegations until after Sangris was charged. However, she refused to give a statement to a police officer investigating the assault. Cleary also called the RCMP the next day to ask why they were investigating Sangris if the allegations happened so long ago and involved only touching and not sex.

Friday morning, the lawyers will give their closing statements to the jury. The judge will then give her final instructions, and then the six women and six men will start deciding whether Sangris is guilty or not guilty of sexual assault.