Family photo

Teresa Scheunert is shown here with her daughter Crystal Thomas. Scheunert's death at the Watson Lake hospital will be the subject of a coroner's inquest in June. (Scheunert family)

The family of Teresa Scheunert says they're not satisfied with a patient safety review into her death.

The Yukon Hospital Corporation released portions of the review yesterday — including a finding that Scheunert died from heart failure, and not mixed drug toxicity, as the coroner had ruled.

Scheunert died in the Watson Lake hospital in 2012.

Her family says the hospital corporation had promised them full access to the patient safety review, but when they met with the corporation earlier this week, they say they weren't allowed to see anything at all.

"They were adamant about that. They said 'you will not see it,’” says Wanda Zimmerman, Scheunert's sister.

Scheunert’s daughter, Crystal Thomas, says she has little faith in the opinion of a hired medical consultant.

"We have very little trust that public interest is being served,” Thomas says. “We were completely blindsided."

Zimmerman says Dr. Robert Robson, the Manitoba doctor who prepared the review, told the family he consulted only one outside source: a clinical pharmacist in another province.

"And that's when I said, 'Did you not speak to the doctor who prepared the report, the toxicology?' and he paused, and he said 'Perhaps I should have.'

"I think the public interest is not being served.” Zimmerman says. “And I think that that can be alleviated by having a public inquiry. Let’s let everybody see everything, the decision and the outcome for the public can be shown to all."

The family adds there are still questions about how staff at the hospital treated Scheunert's body, without their permission. 

The family says their faith in the system has been further eroded.

And they say a full public inquiry is even more necessary now, so all the facts can be made public.