Our Lady of Good Hope Roman Catholic church in Fort Good Hope, N.W.T., is one of Canada's National Historic Sites.

Our Lady of Good Hope

The exterior of Our Lady of Good Hope church in Fort Good Hope, N.W.T. (Joanne Stassen/CBC)

Sister Joan Liss and her dog Benji took Trailbreaker's Sahtu Road Trip crew for a tour of the building which dates to the late 1800s.

The mission church building overlooks the Mackenzie River. 

"From the outside, it's a simple little white clapboard church and most people figure when you go inside it will have equal simplicity," said Liss.

"But when they open the doors and see the wonderful artwork, they realize that the outside is deceptive as to the treasures inside."

The interior, which took 20 years to complete, features a vibrant blue ceiling with gold stars, and is lavishly decorated with paintings and carved wood.

Father Émile Petitot, the renowned ethnologist, who lived and worked at the mission from 1864 to 1878, painted the borders around the murals himself, using paints made from plants he collected in the area.