Supervisor testifies at trial into mechanic's death

Paul Bubiak, supervisor and co-owner of Integra Tire, testified Wednesday at the trial looking into the death of a mechanic at the Whitehorse tire shop.

Paul Bubiak, supervisor and co-owner of Integra Tire, testified Wednesday at the trial looking into the death of a mechanic at the Whitehorse tire shop.

Denis Chabot, 34, died in November 2011 when he was servicing a North 60 Petro fuel truck on the tire company’s lot. The Yukon Workers' Compensation, Health and Safety Board has laid charges against Integra Tire and North 60 Petro and both supervisors under the Occupational Health and Safety Act alleging that supervisors at both companies failed to properly train their workers.

Denis Chabot, 34, a mechanic at Integra Tire in Whitehorse, died in 2011 when the truck he was working on was driven over him. (provided by Ramesh Ferris)

Bubiak said he worked with Denis Chabot for eight years and told the court Chabot was the best of the best and very safety-conscious.

He said he was surprised to see Chabot at work that morning because it was his day off. Chabot asked if he could work anyway.

Bubiak told the court Chabot finished the job on the North 60 Truck around 3 p.m., and that he just had to torque the tires.

Bubiak says he then called North 60 supervisor Frank Taylor to tell him the truck would be ready a few minutes later.

At quarter after, Chabot said the job was finished and Bubiak let him know he had called the oil company to pick up the truck. A few minutes later North 60 supervisor Frank Taylor came into the shop to get the final invoice.

Bubiak said moments later the driver Richard Lelivre ran into the office visibly upset, saying he had run over someone.

Closing arguments get underway on Friday.