About 300 students held a march in Kugluktuk, Nunavut Friday afternoon to oppose any relaxing of the community's liquor restrictions.

Currently people in the community must apply to an Alcohol Education Committee for permits to buy limited amounts of liquor, wine and beer. But there's going to be a vote on February 24th to decide whether the restrictions will be lifted.

Miranda Atatahak is with the Kugluktuk District Education Authority and one of the organizers of the walk.

She says students want some controls on alcohol.

"It was tough place before without the restrictions," says Atatahak. "There was a lot of alcohol coming in and out of town, lots of alcohol abuse and  social ills that came with it. Having the restrictions in place we've been able to see a lot of positive change in our community. "

At least 60 per cent of eligible voters would have to vote YES for the alcohol restrictions to be lifted.

Atatahak says the students will hold a mock plebiscite on Thursday to decide how they would vote if they could. 

Liquor plebiscites are taking place in Arviat and Chesterfield Inlet the same day as the Kugluktuk vote.