Three engineering students from the University of Alberta are spending their summer in Pangnirtung, Nunavut to study ways to reduce energy consumption, and help with other projects in the hamlet

They're taking part in 'Engage North', a program that links students with northern communities.

It's the first year for the program.

"We really wanted to come first and see what they thought needed to be done that we as engineers can help with," said Heidi Johnson, one of the students. 

One of the projects she and another student are working on is how to  convert all the of the Pangnirtung's lights to LEDs. Another student is trying to figure out how to improve drainage around the hamlet.

Officials in Pangnirtung say they appreciate the help.

"It's really worthwhile for Northern municipalities to branch out and look for areas where we can get this support," said Ron Mongeau, the senior administrative officer in Pangnirtung.

The students arrived in May and will leave at the end of this month, but officials hope the students will return to the hamlet and other communities next summer.