A man from Resolute, 1580 kilometres north of Iqaluit, is home safe after spending nearly a week stranded in the high arctic.

Oolateetah Iqaluk was found by searchers Thursday night.


Oolateetah Iqaluk went missing on June 15th while traveling to a fishing spot north of the community. He was found by searchers five days later. (CBC News)

He went missing on June 15th while traveling to a fishing spot north of the community.

Iqaluk reportedly had snowmobile problems which forced him to start his long walk.

Phillip Manik works with the Resolute Hunters and Trappers Organization and says Iqaluk was found about 15 kilometers outside the community.

He had been trying to find his way back in bad weather, walking alone in freezing temperatures.

"He was walking. He walked for...how long has it been?  Close to 6 days?  It was stormy, it was snowing, we had bit of everything," said Manik.


Search and rescue found an abandoned snowmobile on June 15. They proceeded to track Oolateetah Iqaluk over several days. (Photo courtesy of Jimmy Qaapik)

Searchers found the snowmobile on June 16 and tracked Iqaluk from there.

Manik says Iqaluk was found cold and hungry but he's doing well today. He even returned to work today without taking a day off.

One Resolute elder said that better gear could have made a difference.

Ludy Padluq says anyone going out on a trip should be well prepared and bring a GPS beacon such as a SPOT locator.