Students at Yellowknife's William McDonald middle school are being told to stay out of the woods to avoid a wolverine trap set up on school property. 

"The live trap is away from any of the students," principal Jeff Seabrook wrote in an email to parents late Sunday evening. 

"For this reason we will be asking all students to stay in the open playground area. The students will not be allowed to enter into the wooded areas."

The warning comes after wolverine sightings on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. These followed a wolverine sighting at the school last Wednesday, which caused a partial lockdown, with students having to leave out the front door since the wolverine tracks were in the back of the school.

"The wildlife officer has assured me that [laying the trap] is a precaution and that they will be checking the trap multiple times throughout the day," Seabrook wrote in his Sunday email.

"They feel that our playground times and morning wakeup routine should run as normal and there should be no need for concern at this time."

He added that if there are further wolverine sightings, the school will take precautions as needed.