Star power headlines Nunavut get active campaign

Three gold medal winning Olympians, a northern champion and even the Prime Minister turn out to encourage Nunavut youth to be active.

Prime Minister joins ball hockey game at Nakasuk Elementary school in Iqaluit.

Speed skater and Olympic gold medalist Charles Hamelin signs autographs in Iqaluit on Monday. (Vincent Desrosiers)

Young people in Iqaluit mixed it up with some of the best athletes in the world on Monday.

Three Olympic gold medalists were there as part of Canadian Tire's Active at School program and the Project North campaign.

It's not every day students at Nakasuk Elementary school get to have gym time with Olympic athletes and for many it was a golden opportunity. They met hockey great and four time gold medalist Hayley Wickenheiser, multiple gold medalist speed skater Charles Hamelin, and bobsledder Kaillie Humphries who has two gold medals.

Wickenheiser said she wanted to pass on advice for Nunavummiut.

"You know just tell the kids here that sports can really open your life up and give you so many great things and so many options in life that you wouldn't otherwise have," she said.

Arctic Sports and Arctic Winter Games medallist Johnny Issaluk was on hand and participated in the event. He says it's important for children in Nunavut to see Olympic athletes in real life.

Johnny Issaluk, Charles Hamelin, Kaillie Humphries and Hayley Wickenheiser were on hand to encourage Nunavut youth to be active. (Vincent Desrosiers)

"Working closely with the medalist and actually playing with the kids, i really appreciate," Issaluk said.

The athletes, Canadian Tire along with Project North presented 100 bags of hockey equipment.

There was also a $100,000 donation to help Nunavut children be active.

Canadian Tire president Michael Medline said Nunavut is excited about getting kids active in the schools and increasing participation rights and he said Canadian Tire wanted to help.

The athletes brought their gold medals with them to show to the children and perhaps inspire them to be in good physical shape.

Later the athletes got some high profile help from Prime Minister Stephen Harper who dropped in to play a quick round of ball hockey with some of the children.

Laureen Harper helped officiate by dropping the ball to start things off.