Spring 2016 set as target to settle school claims

The chief adjudicator in the Indian Residential School Adjudication Secretariat says far more claims than expected

The number of claims from residential school survivors far exceeded expectations

Indian Residential School adjudicators have set spring of 2016, as the new target  for completing the thousands of outstanding abuse claims across Canada.

They say it will then take an additional two years to wrap up the process after the last claims are settled.

The chief adjudicator of the Independent Assessment Process, Dan Shapiro, says the extra time is required because they've been flooded with three times as many applications as expected.

He says 26,000 have been settled with at least 12,000 still to be resolved.         

"It really is a project of unprecedented and staggering magnitude so yes it is taking longer entirely due to the unanticipated number of applications,” says Shapiro.

It’s the largest class action settlement in Canadian history, he says. Across Canada payouts for abuse claims are now approaching $2.8 billion.

Payouts to former abuse victims in Yukon is now estimated around $45 million. An additional $33.6 million dollars has been paid out to Yukoners under the Common Experience compensation program.

At least 450 Yukon abuse claims have been settled, with about 100 claims still to be resolved in the territory.