A snowmobile race between Iqaluit and Kimmirut is happening on Saturday.

The race is being revived after several years. Travis Cooper, one of the organizers, says racers from Kimmirut, Iqaluit and Pangnirtung have registered.

Racers will be required to carry safety equipment on their snowmobile, not on qamutiks.

"Everything together should be no more 13 pounds, such as sleeping bag, tarp, saw or snow knife, first aid kits, one burner stove, extra clothes and food," Cooper said.

He says the ice in Kimmirut is really rough and racers will turn back from Soper Lake, which is close to the community.

The first-place winner will receive $7,000 cash. The second-place finisher will get $3,000 cash and the third-place winner will win Canadian North airline tickets.