Snow banks pile up in Southern Yukon

Since Christmas Eve, some parts of the region have received close to 30 centimetres of snow, an amount many say isn't common in such a short period of time in December.

Close to 30 cm has fallen in some areas since Christmas Eve

Heavy snowfall in parts of southern Yukon 1:43

Parts of southern Yukon are still digging out after four days of snow that buried the region. 

Since Christmas Eve, some areas have received close to 30 centimetres of snow, an amount many say isn't common in such a short period of time in December.  

After a short break over Christmas Day and Boxing Day, crews in Whitehorse are back on the job, working around the clock trying to clear the roads. 

"It's unusual for us to get this much snow over a number of days," said Dave Muir, manager of operations for the City of Whitehorse. "Typically it'll snow, and we'll have a couple days of relief." 

And some people in Whitehorse were noticing that lack of relief. 

After 11 more centimetres fell in the Whitehorse area overnight on Thursday, Carl Baines decided he could no longer stay inside.

"It's been rough getting around. A lot of people don't shovel their sidewalks," said Baines, who gets around in a powered wheelchair. 

Snow removal crews work 24/7

Jamie Wagner, superintendent for Castle Rock Enterprise, has been working in the private snow-removal business for 13 years. He says he's never seen so much snow at the end of December. 

His main job is to keep parking lots clear. 

"We have a lot of the malls  Superstore, Walmart, Canadian Tire, some government buildings as well, McDonald's, medical centres  we have a full list of places we clear in the winter."

Muir says city crews are on target with its snow removal budget despite the heavy snowfall, and says main artery roads are the city's top priority. 

"Again our crews are handling it and it's being done within city resources," he said.


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