Haze over Whitehorse comes from outlying forest fires: Yukon Wildland Fire

There was a smoky haze in the direction of Grey Mountain this morning, but Yukon Wildland Fire Management says there's no cause for worry.

Smoke is likely from the 60 fires burning in the territory or the hundreds burning in BC

The Dempster Highway has been closed on and off near kilometre 270 because of nearby fires but is currently open. (Yukon Wildland Fire Management)

There was a smoky haze in the direction of Grey Mountain in Whitehorse Thursday morning, but Yukon Wildland Fire Management says there's no cause for worry. 

George Maratos, fire information officer, says it's a reminder of how serious things are nearby.

"The haze is more likely from fire activity in northern Yukon as well as fire activity in British Columbia. There are currently 60 active wildfires burning in the territory and close to 300 fires burning in British Columbia."

Maratos says the haze in Whitehorse is not believed to be affecting air quality. 

Yukon Wildland Fire is reporting a low to moderate risk of fires across the territory, thanks to some rain in the Dawson and Mayo districts, where crews continue to fight  a 62-hectare fire 11 kilometres northwest of Mayo. 

There are still 26 fires burning in the Old Crow region, but Maratos says there's no direct threat to the community at this time. 

The Dempster highway is open but the Yukon 511 report says fires are next to the road near kilometre 270 and drivers should be prepared to stop. 


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