A small earthquake near the Canada-Alaska border this morning rattled homes as far away as Whitehorse.

Haines Junction was the closest community to the quake, which happened at 11:09 a.m. 

Whitehorse resident Ken Taylor, who lives in the Pine Ridge neighbourhood, says he felt the quake.

"I was just sitting here with my wife and daughter having brunch and they thought I was shaking my foot because they give me a hard time about rattling my foot all the time and it makes the dishes rattle," he said.

"And I said 'I'm not, I'm just sitting still,' and we looked around and we could see the cabinet with the dishes rock and rolling so we knew it was an earthquake. It didn't last too long, probably 20 to 25 seconds."

The National Tsunami Warning Centre in Palmer, Alaska, reports it was a 4.2 magnitude quake.  It was centred in the B.C. portion of the Tatshenshini-Alsek Park between Haines Junction and Haines, Alaska.