Slow internet gets Iqaluit man rebates from Northwestel

Gideonie Joamie is getting a refund from Northwestel after he showed the company tests that show he has consistently been getting speeds around 0.6 Mbps when he's paying $180 a month for 5Mbps speeds.
Slow internet gets Iqaluit man rebates from Northwestel 2:08

Gideonie Joamie of Iqaluit says he isn't always getting what he pays for when it comes to Northwestel internet speeds.

Joamie has run speed tests on his Northwestel Internet service since signing up for the Nunavut Internet 5 package two years ago.

It advertises speeds of 5 Mbps for $180 a month.

Joamie says he used to see 4.5 Mbps speeds but that's changed. He says over the past year he has consistently been getting speeds around 0.6 Mbps. That is just faster than the smallest package Northwestel offers at $60 a month. 

"They can't guarantee a constant stream but there should be an acceptable level of speed for the amount of money that they charge," said Joamie.

Joamie says he's not alone. Friends and co-workers are seeing similar results.

Northwestel representatives got in touch with Joamie and now he's received two rebates, one in December for $150 and one that will be applied to his account next month for $179.99.

A Northwestel spokesperson says the company hasn't heard too many complaints about service in Iqaluit and says slower service can be caused by modem placement, and too many devices on wifi.

They say they need more information from customers.

"Each customer scenario from a performance perspective is unique and we would encourage those customers to contact us if they feel they are not getting what they paid for," said Joel Witten.

Joamie wants to see more people calling Northwestel, too. He says they should also be getting a rebate if they're experiencing the same problems.