The daughter of Raymond Silverfox says she's happy with a court decision to quash the verdict of a coroner's jury.

The Silverfox family sought a judicial review of the inquest, which ruled the 43-year-old Carmacks, Yukon, man died of natural causes.

"It's like a huge weight is off my chest," said Deanna-Lee Charlie, Silverfox’s only child.

In 2008, Silverfox died after spending 13 hours in an RCMP cell, vomiting 26 times, pleading for help, while officers and guards laughed at him.


The daughter of Raymond Silverfox, Deeanna Lee Charlie, said she's relieved that a judge has overturned a coroner's jury verdict saying Silverfox died of natural causes. (CBC)

The family asked the court to overturn the verdict of death by natural causes, and Supreme Court justice Ron Veale did just that.

Charlie said it was daunting to go up against the coroner's office, the attorney-general's office, and the Yukon government, but she said she couldn't give up the fight for her father.

This is the first time a coroner's verdict has been overturned in the Yukon.

Charlie says the change brings honour to her father’s name. She says now, the family and the community can move ahead with their lives.