A mother in Yellowknife has started an online petition calling for the City to put in a sidewalk along Borden Drive after years of having to walk with her small children on the busy road.

Kristen Vivian wants a paved sidewalk along Borden Drive from the intersection on Old Airport Road to Magrum Crescent. There is a paved sidewalk along the road after Magrum Crescent.

"It's a heavily used road, so it seems like a huge concern that it doesn't have a sidewalk… I just feel like it's just not very safe," she said.

Vivian and her husband like to take their children, aged one and three, along Borden Drive for walks.

While there is a gravel path along the 280-meter stretch, Vivian says cars park on it in the summer, and in the winter the area isn't plowed.

Vivian Yellowknife sidewalk petition

It's a tight squeeze for Adam Vivian with children Eleanor and Annabelle - and any other pedestrians - when parked vehicles take up space along Borden Drive. (Submitted by Kristen Vivian)

The gravel also makes it difficult for her to push her children's stroller, meaning they have to resort to walking on the street.

"Part of the issue is that there's a lot of speeding that happens on that road. The far intersection of Magrum [is] right where the school zone ends and cars come out of the school zone and they just tear up that hill up the road."

She's worried this is an accident waiting to happen.

Mary Brown's Famous Chicken and Taters recently opened in the area, something that has brought with it more traffic according to Vivian. She hopes a sidewalk will help keep her family and other pedestrians safe.

"There's space there for it," she said. "There's lights there, there's a crosswalk… a pedestrian button that you can push to cross, but then there's no sidewalk. It seems a little strange to me."

As of Monday morning, the petition has received 392 supporters. Vivian plans to eventually bring it to City council.