Shelves getting empty at Whitehorse Food Bank

As supplies dwindle, clients of the Whitehorse Food Bank are getting less food. ‘The situation is pretty desperate,’ says executive director Stephen Dunbar-Edge.
The shelves are almost bare at the Whitehorse Food Bank. (Whitehorse Food Bank)

The Whitehorse Food Bank is making a plea for donations.

Executive director Stephen Dunbar-Edge says this year is one of the worst he’s seen for the amount of food on hand at the food bank.

“For June and July, the hampers our clients are receiving have not had everything we normally can provide to people,” he says. “We’re not talking about huge quantities of food to begin with, so the situation is pretty desperate.”

Dunbar-Edge says summer usually brings high demand, because children are home from school, and it's a long way until Christmas, when the Food Bank receives help from food drives.

The Whitehorse Food Bank provides food for more than 1,300 people each month.