A Whitehorse Correctional Centre inmate who was accused of sexually assaulting a jail guard has pleaded guilty to a lesser offence.

A sexual assault charge against Michael Nehass, 27, was dropped after he pleaded guilty on Wednesday to obstructing a peace officer.

Nehass is already serving a three-year sentence for his part in a mini-riot at the Whitehorse jail in 2009.

Court heard that a female jail guard who was sent to investigate the riot alleged that she was touched inappropriately by Nehass.

The woman claimed that she was so intimidated and humiliated by the incident that she still cannot go back to work.

Nehass admitted that he may have been combative, but he denied the sexual allegations. During Wednesday's hearing in Yukon territorial court, Crown prosecutors conceded that video footage of the incident has been erased.

Given the reduced charge, Nehass was given a 30-day jail sentence. He will be eligible for parole by October.

Court was told that Nehass has been a model inmate over the past eight months, making amends with jail guards and even apologizing to one guard whose jaw he fractured during the riot.

Nehass told the court that he realizes his rebellious behaviour was just making things worse for him, and he wants to live a normal life when he gets out of jail.