A man who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of his brother faced a judge Monday at a sentencing hearing in Hay River, Northwest Territories.

Wilfred Buggins, 69, shot and killed his younger brother Raymond Cecil Buggins in February, 2011, in his cabin near Enterprise, Northwest Territories.

The prosecutor called it the ultimate consequence of a deadly mixture of guns and alcohol. A statement agreed upon by both the defence lawyer and the prosecutor was read in court today.

In February 2011, both men were said to have been drinking.

The brothers were said to have argued often, and were arguing that evening about money. At one point Wilfred Buggins said, "I should just shoot you brother" to which Raymond responded "Well, I dare you."

Wilfred then shot his brother twice in the abdomen with a rifle. When Wilfred awoke at about 6 o'clock that morning he saw his brother slumped in the chair.

He says he assumed he must have shot him, but had no memory of the event. Wilfred woke up another man who was with them at the cabin, and that man called the RCMP.

The prosecutor is asking for a six year prison sentence and a prohibition on possessing firearms.

The defense lawyer has asked for a four year term, the minimum sentence for manslaughter with a firearm. The lawyer also asked that Buggins be allowed to use a gun since he lives off the land.

The judge will make her ruling Tuesday at 10 a.m.