Nunavut’s chief judge has postponed a preliminary inquiry into a manslaughter case until December due to security concerns.

There were two attempts to hold the inquiry in Iqaluit last week, but the judges involved said the security in the courtroom was inadequate. The court has only heard one day of evidence and there's seven more days to go.

Colin Makpah is accused of manslaughter in the death of Donald Gamble in Rankin Inlet almost two years ago. He will spend another six months on bail, waiting for the preliminary hearing.

Justice Robert Kilpatrick said Monday it is "unfortunate the matter had to go over."

Kilpatrick said the delay should give Nunavut’s Department of Justice enough time to train and equip more sheriffs, or bring in sheriffs from elsewhere.   He added it's all "at the public expense to do the job."

In a press release issued last week, Nunavut's acting deputy minister of Justice Norman Tarnow said the government is amending legislation to allow searches of people entering the courthouse but that those changes could take months.

The release also said the department is "taking steps to assist the sheriffs in receiving the up-to-date training and recertification required to provide them with the necessary security equipment."