Lawyers have wrapped up their final submissions in a second civil lawsuit against the Qulliq Energy Corporation.

Former employee Amy Hynes is suing QEC for $600,000 for constructive dismissal. The company has filed a counterclaim for over $750,000.

The three-day trial ended Wednesday.

Hynes’ lawyer Phillip Hunt said his client had the rug pulled out from under her by the Qulliq Energy Corporation.

Hynes worked for the power utility for seven years. She left in January 2010 when she was working as corporate secretary.

Hunt summarized the case by saying not only was Hynes’ job threatened, but it was gone as she knew it.

Many of Hynes’ job duties were taken away. Hunt said the reason was what he called the ‘Cronin factor’, referring to Human Resources director Catherine Cronin.

Hynes said Cronin created a toxic work environment.

Qulliq lawyer says Hynes was looking to quit

The lawyer for the power utility took a very different view.

Richard Beamish told court that Hynes was looking for any excuse to leave the company.

He said this case is all about context: the Auditor General ordered the company to restructure, which they did between 2007 and 2009.

Due to that, most of Hynes’ duties were transferred to a vacant internal auditor position, which was not filled until the fall of 2012.

Beamish closed his arguments by saying that Hynes essentially quit.

Justice Earl Johnson heard the lawsuit this week. He will issue a written decision, but did not say when.

Another former employee, Sarah Kucera, is suing the corporation for $440,000. Her trial was in court in Iqaluit last week.