Baker Lake's beluga hunt

History was made in Baker Lake, Nunavut, earlier this month when two hunters caught a beluga whale. A second beluga has now been caught in the freshwater lake. (Facebook)

A second beluga whale has been caught this month in Baker Lake, Nunavut's only inland community.

Paul Niego was one of the hunters.

"First time I saw it with my own eyes," he said. "It was weird to see a beluga."

It's unusual to see any belugas in the area because the river and lake are freshwater. Belugas can live in both seawater and freshwater and are occasionally found in large rivers and estuaries.

Niego says hunters from Baker Lake usually have to travel down the Thelon River into Chesterfield Inlet to hunt whales.

He says people believe the belugas may be following ships up the river. He says more ships are expected and there are hopes more whales will follow them to Baker Lake.