Yukon justice authorities have filed the search warrant used to seize evidence from a suspected wolf killer in Whitehorse, outlining the events leading up to wildlife charges laid against Clayton Thomas.

Thomas, 32, is facing 10 charges under the Yukon Wildlife Act. He has admitted shooting the two wolves in his neighbourhood, but complained about his treatment by Yukon authorities and the necessity for a search warrant.

Clayton Thomas

Clayton Thomas says he was dismayed when wildlife officials searched his home and seized dozens of items. 'I don't have child porn, I'm not a drug dealer, I didn't murder anybody. I shot two wolves.' (CBC)


In the document, conservation officers say a Mount Sima resident first complained on April 17 that wolves killed his dog. A concerned citizen later provided photos of the wolves.

One week later, a confidential informant advised that a neighbour, Clayton Thomas, had taken care of them.

Both animals were apparently hanging in his garage for future sale, and Thomas was texting trophy photos to his friends.

Officers then visited the suspect's home and were told Clayton was out of town.

A review of records indicated to officers that Thomas has never held a valid trapping or trapping assistant's licence.

All the information was presented to a judge who signed off on it the next day.

The search warrant authorized seizure of any cameras, laptops, computers or cellphones capable of storing digital images.