Scientists are asking people in the Northwest Territories to look out for nine-spotted lady beetles, as they suspect the red and black insect is in danger of disappearing.

Jenny Heron is co-chair of the arthropods subcommittee of the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada, which is writing a conservation status report on the species. She says they need more information, especially on what is threatening these insects in the N.W.T.

"[In the] Northwest Territories especially, there's lots of areas where there haven't been some of the typical threats there have been in southern Canada, like urban development, or agriculture land conversion, or these other threats like pesticides," she says. "And so that's why we're looking in the North."

Heron is asking Northerners to take photos of nine-spotted ladybugs and email them to her. The photographs will help the committee determine whether these insects are in decline.